Spring has sprung and the market is already on FIRE!  We are seeing multiple offers on pretty much any home that is under $300,000 in all of our cities in the Rogue Valley.  If you are a BUYER then here are some things you will want to do in order to be prepared:  1.  Have a pre-approval/ qualification letter in hand.  2.  Make sure you have your earnest money ready so when you find a home you can give proof of these funds.  3.  Know the market and get tied into a website that posts homes as soon as they are listed.

Be prepared that if you find a home and multiple offers come in then you will have to adjust your offer in order to compete.  Make sure that your Realtor presents your offer.  A lot of times a personal touch from a Realtor giving the SELLER a little background about you (the BUYER) might pull at some heart strings.  If a SELLER has information about who might be buying their home then that might weigh in versus looking at an offer on paper.

Best advice that I can give is make a quick informed decision if you like the home and it plays into your budget and loan.  Don't make a knee-jerk reaction and settle though.  There will always be more homes hitting the market if this one happens to get away.